World’s largest sail-assisted vessel Sailing Yacht

A drone video of Sailing Yacht A, with the towering masts now stepped, reveals the jaw-dropping scale of the largest sail-assisted yacht of the world. A 25 second video, in which the yacht passes, actually make you realize how big it is. At 143m/470ft, the vessel is around 200ft longer compared to the Cutty Sark and the Maltese Falcon.

The video footage was shot during early seatrials near Kiel as well as Nobiskrug yard creditworthy for her construction in Germany. Called as the White Pearl while it is being made, Sailing Yacht A belongs to Andrey Melnichenk, an industrialist from Russia with a net worth of around US$ 9 billion.

Sailing Yacht A details were kept secret while it is being made, with the manufacturers pretending they were making a new yacht for a Croatia Bareboat charter company. The interior is still to be finished. It will be officially launched in the year 2016. It would easily pass the 96.35m Sea Cloud as biggest sailing yacht afloat.

It is primarily its great size which people were drawn to. It is believed that it would rarely be called a looker. The different type of look of Melnichenko’s newest project would break earlier superyacht, the 119m Motor Yacht A.

Philippe Starck designed both these projects, but the Sailing Yacht A arguably more matches a motoryacht with masts than a yacht. Arrant by design, arrant in appearance, the yacht has a bulbous bow forefoot as well as a triangular profile with immense oval portholes which are totally flush.