World Series In Japan

The inaugural event that is being held in Japan as the World Cup Series was conducted under wet conditions on Saturday at the Gamagori venue. There was a typhoon called Lan that was predicted to hit the coasts of Japan by the late part of 22nd October, Sunday. This was however well past the scheduled time for the competition that was concluded recently in Gamagori. However, there was torrential rain that was experienced before the typhoon.

The competition is known to go ahead no matter whether there is rain or shine as long as the conditions remain safe for the races. Hence, the medals for events like the skiff events for men and women as well as the medals for women in RS: X category was decided among variable breeze conditions where the wind ranged from 12 to 3 knots.

In the 49er category Stu Bithell and Dylan Fletcher obtained narrow victory while two women sailors from Argentina were able to gain victory for the first time in the World Cup category for sailing a 49erFX. Every race such as in the categories of 49erFX or 49er took about ten minutes with close calls happening within the fleet. Flynn Sterritt and James Peters were in a battle where they were locked in for the supreme win. At the end of the race the Brits were closed in by several boats. Bithell and Fletcher at the end were able to claim the gold and their compatriots came in for silver. The Poland team became eligible for a bronze. In the final race there was excitement in the air as five teams were competing for the gold. Every competitor in the race tried to stay in front so that they could gain a good position by the time the race ended. Overall, it was a close match between the contestants.