Twins City Youth Club Regatta

A regatta was recently hosted by the Twin Cities Youth Rowing Club. There was an 8 plus race of the Men’s Varsity that was kicked off last weekend. The event was a popular one and drew in a large audience among the members and others of the Twin Cities Youth Rowing Club.

This club has not been new to hosting regattas. This was the seventh annual event that they hosted at the Bryant Lake. It was held on July 24th. (more…)

Gulfcoast Yacht & Boat Show

Gulfcoast Yacht & Boat show is all set to take place on two different weekends in the coming month. The event will take place on 8th to 10th April and on 15th to 17th April, at the Gulfport Harbor. Timings for the show is 10 am to 7 pm on 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th April; while the timing is 10 am to 5 pm on 10th and 17th April. Single day admission fee is US$ 12; and those ages 16 and below can enter free.

Termed as the biggest boat show in the Gulf region, the event is a 1-stop shopping center for the yachting season. More than seven-hundred yachts from 10′ to over 100′ in length are on display both on land and the water in one location. The yachts represent the best in Sail, Power, as well as Paddle Craft from the marine industry. (more…)

Clipper Race: Britain stacks at Scoring Gate

The fleet of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is flying along to Whitsundays with the top runners just more than a thousand nautical miles from the end line near the Airlie Beach with Da Nang – Viet Nam keeping a short lead with just thirty nautical miles separating the top 8 squads.
Great Britain was the very first through Scoring Gate at 18:16 UTC (January 3, 2016) followed only twenty-six minutes later by LMAX Exchange, taking 3 and 2 points respectively. The final point was snatched by Derry Londonderry Doire.
Peter Thornton, the Great Britain skipper, talked about the tense fight. He told that that little race for the gate previous night was a bit acute. He thanked LMAX Exchange for his increased number of white hairs, heightened blood pressure as well as general lack of sleep. He added that the forecast wind shift in the final stages did in fact come through in the nick of time and enabled them to stay ahead which ge was delighted with, as the people were working pretty hard in some challenging helming and trimming conditions – especially at night. (more…)

World’s largest sail-assisted vessel Sailing Yacht

A drone video of Sailing Yacht A, with the towering masts now stepped, reveals the jaw-dropping scale of the largest sail-assisted yacht of the world. A 25 second video, in which the yacht passes, actually make you realize how big it is. At 143m/470ft, the vessel is around 200ft longer compared to the Cutty Sark and the Maltese Falcon.

The video footage was shot during early seatrials near Kiel as well as Nobiskrug yard creditworthy for her construction in Germany. Called as the White Pearl while it is being made, Sailing Yacht A belongs to Andrey Melnichenk, an industrialist from Russia with a net worth of around US$ 9 billion. (more…)