Local Fleet Racing Loses Shine

For those who are sailing enthusiasts will find that local fleet racing has suffered demise in modern times. You might be looking to get into the sail race. If you are unsure about what boat to choose you need to start with what is available and popular in your local place. You will find most activity as well as a rewarding experience when you make such a choice.

For boats of one design usually local fleets were chosen and the sport was popular as well. Racing was in the simplest form and was invited as well. With fleet racing it was possible for local people to participate even with limited budgets. People found a socially fulfilling recreation with local fleet racing. It was a sport that was localized and grew in several regions. Hence, every region has a responsibility to keep up the sport of local fleet racing.

The initial competition pattern was such that one had to start with the local fleet in order to move to district level from where on one moved to national and world championship levels, or even just to get qualified and go for a Bareboat Charter in Split. This also led to a lot of practice happening in local clubs and that is how they prospered. However, then came a class of rock stars like Bill Parks and Harry Nye, who started with local sailing, but soon they wanted to move to major events fast. The Star Class which defined the rules then agreed to make changes.

Hence, the district and national events then became open events. Rock stars did not want to waste time and have to go through local fleets. Today’s world championship events still need qualifiers but there are several ways to do so than to go through local fleet. For such reasons local fleet racing has lost the importance that it had in former times. It remains a localized sport with not much significance these days.