Bequia Wins 2017 Candy Store Cup

All eyes were on the 2017 Candy Store Cup Superyacht edition during the weekend.

Newport was given the mantle of hosting the most looked forward to and sophisticated luxury sailing yacht race during the last week of July 2017. The 2017 Candy Store Cup event was held in Newport, RI from July 27 to July 29 and it was an excitement filled event for all the fans as well as the sailors.

The wind was varying on all these days and this added more attraction to the event. The hosts also were fully prepared and geared up for the prestigious event that included social events apart for the superyacht racing. There were three races that were held on three days of the event and no one was able to predict the winner as the races were very close affairs. The superyachts covered a total of 12 to 26 miles on each of the race days. (more…)

One Meter Midwinter Regatta

There were close to 34 competitors that took part in a sailing race of the San Diego Argonauts Model Yacht Club.

It was the International One Meter regatta with radio controlled yachts that took place in the Mission Bay Model Yacht Pond. It was indeed an interesting to see the skippers from all over the United States came to take part in the annual mid winter regatta. IOM is also known as International One Meter is the renowned yacht racing class in the world. It has been raced in more than 30 countries. It was formed by Jan Dejmo in the year 1988 and has been growing steadily since its inception. The IOM class is run by the International Class Association. (more…)

Local Wins At Aon Youth Event

The Aon Youth Sailing World championships have been in the news recently as it was concluded this week in Auckland in New Zealand.

RS:X category was one of the races in this tournament. Patrick Haybittle was able to make the most of his experience and being part of a fleet of world class standards. He was sailing in home waters and having made the top ten in three races was definitely a crowning achievement for him, on the final day of the races. Patrick is a teenager who participated in the sailing events and represented Murrays Bay Sailing Club. The second race was a brilliant one that he ran in the afternoon when he sailed off the waters in Torbay. The scores ran at 8, 3, 8 and he was in seventh position before the final day. The wind went flat the next days, but Patrick states that this suited him better. He feels that the races went his way after that. (more…)

Clipper Race: Britain stacks at Scoring Gate

The fleet of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is flying along to Whitsundays with the top runners just more than a thousand nautical miles from the end line near the Airlie Beach with Da Nang – Viet Nam keeping a short lead with just thirty nautical miles separating the top 8 squads.
Great Britain was the very first through Scoring Gate at 18:16 UTC (January 3, 2016) followed only twenty-six minutes later by LMAX Exchange, taking 3 and 2 points respectively. The final point was snatched by Derry Londonderry Doire.
Peter Thornton, the Great Britain skipper, talked about the tense fight. He told that that little race for the gate previous night was a bit acute. He thanked LMAX Exchange for his increased number of white hairs, heightened blood pressure as well as general lack of sleep. He added that the forecast wind shift in the final stages did in fact come through in the nick of time and enabled them to stay ahead which ge was delighted with, as the people were working pretty hard in some challenging helming and trimming conditions – especially at night. (more…)