Bequia Wins 2017 Candy Store Cup

All eyes were on the 2017 Candy Store Cup Superyacht edition during the weekend.

Newport was given the mantle of hosting the most looked forward to and sophisticated luxury sailing yacht race during the last week of July 2017. The 2017 Candy Store Cup event was held in Newport, RI from July 27 to July 29 and it was an excitement filled event for all the fans as well as the sailors.

The wind was varying on all these days and this added more attraction to the event. The hosts also were fully prepared and geared up for the prestigious event that included social events apart for the superyacht racing. There were three races that were held on three days of the event and no one was able to predict the winner as the races were very close affairs. The superyachts covered a total of 12 to 26 miles on each of the race days.

The winner was announced on Saturday evening event that was held at an estate in Newport on the Ocean Drive. The overall winner of the 2017 Candy Store Cup was the 92-foot yawl Bequia. Bequia also won the Class B race during the event. The victory prize of the Class B win was a glass vase that was filled with penny candy.

Bequia was the boat that handled the high 25 knot winds with great ease and this is why they emerged as the winners of the Class B race. Their technician Tom Whidden said that the team enjoyed a wonderful week in Newport, especially competing against Freya. He said that both had different boats and the race was very close. The handicap rule is a very good addition to the race. He said that the Bequia team felt really bad for Freya as they had to suffer from a breakdown on the last day of the race.