One Meter Midwinter Regatta

There were close to 34 competitors that took part in a sailing race of the San Diego Argonauts Model Yacht Club.

It was the International One Meter regatta with radio controlled yachts that took place in the Mission Bay Model Yacht Pond. It was indeed an interesting to see the skippers from all over the United States came to take part in the annual mid winter regatta. IOM is also known as International One Meter is the renowned yacht racing class in the world. It has been raced in more than 30 countries. It was formed by Jan Dejmo in the year 1988 and has been growing steadily since its inception. The IOM class is run by the International Class Association.

The sailing yachts of R/C go back and forth towards the racecourse and driven by the fluctuating winds. During the course of the weekend, there were around 14 races that took place so as to come up with fair results. Depending on the finishing positions of every race, the points were being given away. The points were added in one go for all skippers and the two worst race scores were chalked out. As the model Yacht Pond is quite narrow, there were two divisions made and the races were held in pairs of heats.

When it comes to R/C sailing yachts, there is a whole lot of skills involved, which includes building, designing and fine tuning. The strategy however lies in wind reading and taking control of the sails. The sailing yachts are smaller in size with varying distances from the skipper that walk along the shore. However, in such scenarios, visions play a crucial role, especially when there is good proximity to one another while negotiating the course. The yachts should sail near the floating white markers at the time of the wind shifting and congestion.